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Marvel Horror by RobertMacQuarrie1
Marvel Horror
Halloween is in a few days time, and to celebrate here are some of Marvel's most "Horrific" characters- Dracula, Damien Hellstrom the Son of Satan, Satana, Werewolf by Night, Morbius and the Ghost Rider. 

Most if not all of these characters had their heyday back in the 1970's, which isn't odd when you think about it.  The reason for the resurgence of the horror comics in the 70's might have to do with the generation that grew up on the old EC Horror Comics were now in the position to tell new stories, so it is no surprise they would be more drawn to those stories than the standard superhero fare at the time.  But since things were far more tame at the time and there were more restrictions, it made sense that since they couldn't do straight horror comics, they might as well blend the superhero concepts with more horrific fare. 
Scarlet Witch & Polaris by RobertMacQuarrie1
Scarlet Witch & Polaris
I know Halloween is just around the corner, and this is more about the colours of Christmas, but I had an urge to do this drawing. 

I haven't had an opportunity/ excuse to draw the Scarlet Witch in a while, so I thought pairing her up with her sister Polaris would be a good chance to show some contrasting colours.  Plus, I haven't drawn Polaris' original costume yet, so it was also a good excuse to try tacking that look. 

While I know that their styles weren't originally made to look like one another- their bodysuit, cape design and headdresses are only superficially similar- I think it's close enough that they provide a good contrast in terms of style and colour.

This was a fun, yet challenging, drawing to do.  I kind of like how it turned out.
Mystique-Change of Face: Lady Loki by RobertMacQuarrie1
Mystique-Change of Face: Lady Loki
It's been a while since I did a "Change of Face" with Mystique, and this time I wanted to so something with Mystique turning into a fellow villainess.  So here is Mystique merged with fellow "villainess" Lady Loki.

Or maybe it's Lady Loki disguising "herself" as Mystique.  Six of one, half a dozen of the other.
Spider-Man vs Doctor Octopus by RobertMacQuarrie1
Spider-Man vs Doctor Octopus
Another one in my new Spider-Man series, featuring Spider-Man and what I consider to be his #2 nemesis- Doctor Octopus. 

I know there is a contingent of fans that see Doctor Octopus as Spider-Man's "arch enemy," but I am not one of them.  Don't get me wrong, I like Doc Ock.  He's a great sparing partner for Spider-Man, and his ego and ambition are good fodder if a writer wants to do a "big" Spider-Man story featuring high stakes.  But Spider-Man's rivalry with Doc Ock lacks the personal touch that Spider-Man has with villains like the Green Goblin or Venom.  Spidey doesn't seem to loathe the character as much as he does the others, treating him more like a nuisance and irritant rather than a plague on his life.  Ock has given Spidey some good battles, but his intrusions on his personal life are treated like inconveniences rather than an attack.  His "marriage" to Aunt May wasn't done to harm Spider-Man.  It was merely a side-effect that he was unaware of.  His involvement in the death of George Stacey was largely accidental, and not a planned attempt to make Spider-Man's life miserable.  Compare this to the Green Goblin's attempt to kill Gwen, which was direct and personal.

Recent attempts to make Otto a "greater" villain to Spider-Man just end up falling flat.  Stripping Norman of his knowledge of Peter's ID and giving it to Otto doesn't make Otto a "better" villain, it just reeks of favoritism.  Making Otto in a "world class" villain with endless resources makes him seem like a completely different character.  And even his recent co-opting of Peter's entire life ends up less like an attack on Peter's soul and more like a mild inconvenience for Peter, with the most he can come up with to describe him as being "a jerk."

But still, Otto is one of the big ones, and one of his better villains.  Just not top spot material.
Spider-Man vs The Green Goblin by RobertMacQuarrie1
Spider-Man vs The Green Goblin
I can never stay away from Spider-Man for long.

This time I wanted to start a series featuring Spider-Man battling his most iconic foes.  For this, I of course had to start with the Green Goblin. 

The Green Goblin may not be my favorite villain from Spider-Man's rogues, but even I know that he is Spider-Man's greatest adversary.  No other villain has gotten under Spider-Man's skin the same way he has.  No other villain has hurt him the way the Green Goblin has.  No other villain has plagued Spider-Man's life in the same way, casting a long shadow over his life.  And even in his death, the Goblin found new ways to torment and ruin Spider-Man's life.  Be it Norman, Harry, or even Bart Hamilton, the Goblin still found ways to hound Spider-Man and make his life a living hell. 
This is why I like Brian Bendis.…

At least part of the reason. 


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