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Marvel Civil War Primer Part 5 by RobertMacQuarrie1
Marvel Civil War Primer Part 5
Panel 1- Ah, yes, the dramatic end to Civil War, where Steve gives up after he realizes the destruction the fight was causing.  Or, as I like to call it "It's the seventh issue, and we need to wrap things up." 

This is a problem with Millar's writing, is that he all of a sudden has a character come to a sudden epiphany with NO lead up that causes them to give up the fight and end the story.  It is SUCH a cop-out ending to the conflict.  And it makes no sense that this would cause the ENTIRE Anti-Reg side to give up, save for a handful of heroes I.E. The New Avengers. 

Panel 2- Not much more that I can say here....

Panel 3- So, after all is said and done, the ONE hero that is STILL affected by what the Civil War, after ALL the people involved, is Spider-Man.  ONLY Spider-Man.  Not Tony.  Not Steve.  Not ANY of the Avengers.  JUST Spider-Man. 

So, hopefully the Civil War film will be better made, with a more logical leadup and resolution.  But, really, ANYTHING would be a step up from that mess.
Marvel Civil War Primer Part 4 by RobertMacQuarrie1
Marvel Civil War Primer Part 4
Panel 1- Not much to say here.  Just that, as with before, Spidey acts like an idiot and Tony a jackbooted thug that attacks a guy who is- at that point- only THINKING of defecting. 

Panel 2- Not really sure how the whole "Brainwashing and forcing murderous supervillains to fight for you" was supposed to come across as a SYMPATHETIC move.     
Marvel Civil War Primer Part 3 by RobertMacQuarrie1
Marvel Civil War Primer Part 3
Panel 1- No other character got screwed over by Civil War moreso than Spider-Man, no joke.  Seriously, his series has been racked with problems ever since that storyline.  Which is surprising- who would have thought that a decision that was made just to have a second act twist that made absolutely no sense given the character's history (which is pretty much a common occurrence in this story) would end up wrecking his franchise for the next eight years...

...and counting....

Panel 2- Why the @#$# is HERCULES Anti-Registration?  Seriously- WHY IS HE ANTI-REGISTRATION???  What about his history would warrant him siding against the Pro-Registration side?

This is another problem I have with the series- the sides of the combatants makes NO sense in a lot of cases.  It would be understandable if it was divided between those heroes who worked in the shadows and concealed their identities, and those that have come out and are known to the world.  But it's not- not in a lot of cases.  Sure, there is the reason that these heroes are just "following Cap" on the Anti-Reg side, but then that means that they are fighting and possibly KILLING one another for a law that they don't believe in.  And the Pro-Reg side isn't all that much better, since it just comes down to just going along with what Iron Man tells them to do without question. 

Panel 3- As I stated earlier, Millar and Quesada truly believed that not only was Tony "right," but that the readers would AUTOMATICALLY side with him over Cap.  Because why would readers want to sympathize with a patriotic leader going against his government trying to fight against a law that he felt was unjust and wanted to preserve people's freedoms, fighting with a rag-tag bunch of rebels against an omnipresent and jackbooted superhuman army.

It makes me wonder if Millar and Quesada watched Star Wars and wondered why people were hating on that cool Empire and that awesome Darth Vader guy.

So, yeah, they wanted the conflict to be "morally grey."  Which is confusing since they insisted there WAS a "right" side to the conflict.  So they decided to make Tony a more amoral character.  However, they just had him act like a supervillain (Sorry, but making a mindless clone of one of your best friends is NOT something that can be handwaved away with "good intentions) which just ruined his character for a few years.  It's no surprise that they had to backtrack considerably with his character once the first Iron Man film came out and got people interested in a more heroic and less douchey Tony. 

That and I think that they severely misjudged how many people were going to be on Tony's side after the series was over.
Marvel Civil War Primer Part 2 by RobertMacQuarrie1
Marvel Civil War Primer Part 2
Panel 1- So, there was a bit of a MINOR flaw with the whole Superhero Registration Act.  Mainly it being "WHAT THE @#$#% WAS THE LAW?"  Seriously, NOTHING about it is defined in the story.  What constitutes a superhero?  Do they JUST have to register, or are they conscripted into government service?  Do you need powers, or can you just put on a mask and call yourself a superhero and therefore has to register?  If Hawkeye counts as a superhero, does that mean all I had to do is put on a mask, and wail on bad guys with a baseball bat and I'd have to register too?

It just goes to show that the whole thing wasn't a political allegory, but just a macguffin to spur on the conflict between the characters.

Panel 2 & 3- So, yeah- Cap and Iron Man.  I am adamant- the ONLY reason Tony was Pro-Reg was because it went against reader expectations.  Cap, I could kind of understand, but he could go either way.  With Tony, the notion that he was a "Big Believer in the law" is utter bull@#$#%.  There was an entire storyarc- Armor Wars- where he CIRCUMVENTED the law to do what he felt was right.  And that meant going AGAINST the government, breaking a TONNE of laws in order to do so. 

Also- Tony being a "Futurist?"  Yeah, @#$# that @#$#.  That was just nonsense INVENTED for this story.  It was bandied about for a couple of years, HOPEFULLY abandoned by Marvel once they realized how ridiculous it was and how it was never an aspect of his character before the Civil War.  It was just invented to give him more of a "moral" justification for what he was doing.  Which was stupid, given some of the behind the scenes info regarding Millar and Quesada who thought he was in the right the whole time.     


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