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Excalibur by RobertMacQuarrie1
A funny little aside is that my mother has the first drawing I did of Excalibur up on the wall in my parents home.  She also has my earliest Batman drawing, along with my most recent picture of John Constantine.  So, it's a bit of a weird collection when you think about it.

Anyway, I've been kind of disappointed with the picture since it was one of my earliest ones and I felt that I've improved over the two years I've been doing this, and wanted to take another stab at drawing the characters.

Plus, I really like Excalibur, particularly the Alan Davis parts, as I LOVE Alan Davis' art.  I'm also a fan of Rachel Grey's red costume here, as I think it's one of the most striking looks in comics and rather underrated.

I'm happier with this one now.  But who knows how I'll feel in another two years?
Savage Land Rogue by RobertMacQuarrie1
Savage Land Rogue
I was inspired to do this picture by the recent pictures of the lovely Blackcat/ BadLuckKitty's Savage Land Rogue Cosplay, as seen in her gallery here:…

I decided to go with the look she sported in the comics, which was actually her green bathing suit costume from the Marc Silvestri days, along with a yellow t-shirt she was sporting when she was dropped into the Savage Land. 

I also had a rough time getting the right pose for her body along with the right look on her face.  Hopefully I managed to do a pose and look that conveyed strength as well as something a little more alluring.
Bat-Woman by RobertMacQuarrie1
Spider-Woman + Batgirl = Bat-Woman

Jessica Gordon used to be a sickly child, suffering from a rare and fatal disease.  He father, John Gordon, took her to Dr. Wyndham in order to help cure her.  Unknown to Gordon, Dr. Wyndham decided to use Jessica as a guinea pig for his genetic experiments to merge human and animal DNA.  Choosing the genetic template of the bat, Wyndham managed to cure Jessica's condition, but was disappointed that she did not develop any other abilities.  Gordon was thrilled at Jessica's recovery, but Wyndham wrote the entire exercise off as a failed experiment.  What Wyndham didn't know was that Jessica's abilities were late to develop, and as she grew her powers began to slowly appear.  However, due to her childhood illness, she was dotted over by her parents and treated very delicately, refused to take part in anything but the safest of activities.  This caused Jessica to develop a reputation as a "Mousy Bookworm," despite her desire to be seen as more than just a sickly child.  Jessica developed her abilities in secret, and decided to surprise everyone at a Halloween party by donning a flashy costume to dispel everyone's notions of her "mousy" nature.  However, that all changed when she stumbled across a band of criminals trying to abduct Anthony Wayne.  Using her costume as a disguise, Jessica used her abilities to dispatch the criminals and save Anthony Wayne's life.  Taking on the identity of Bat-Woman, Jessica became a renowned hero in her own right, helping out the likes of the Dark Knight and the Scarlet Speedster in their respective adventures.

 This drawing has a bit of a unique history.  Originally, I hadn't planned on featuring this blending as part of the recent batch of Amalgams.  But as I was working on them, spiderxand ( asked here <da:thumb id="453476867"> who I might blend Batgirl with.  That got me thinking as to who Batgirl would be a good match, and I concluded that it would probably be Spider-Woman from Marvel.  Both characters were introduced to be female counterparts to prominent male heroes, but had soon emerged as popular heroes outside the shadows of their namesakes.  They've had multiple namesakes that followed on in their stead after they stepped out of the spotlight.  Plus, they both have very well designed and popular costumes, both of which recently got a redesign.

For the look, it didn't really take much to blend them.  Spider-Woman's underarm webbing already looks like bat wings, and the triangle on her chest can easily be transformed into a bat like design, especially since both Batgirl and Spider-Woman have yellow chest emblems.  I decided to go for a purple color scheme, similar to Batgirl's coloring from the '66 TV show as well as her current costume.  For the mask, I decided to go for more of a "winged" design that was would look like a mixture of the straight mask of Spider-Woman's look with the pointed ears of Batgirl's design.  Plus, it is also reminiscent of the original Batwoman's look.

Even though this was a recent addition, I actually like it the most out of all the current batch of Amalgam drawings.
Captain Marvel and Ms Mary Marvel by RobertMacQuarrie1
Captain Marvel and Ms Mary Marvel
Captain Marvel (Kree) + Captain Marvel (Shazam) = ... uh.. Captain Marvel

Ms. Marvel + Mary Marvel = Ms. Mary Marvel

Bat'son Mar-Vell was an officer in the Kree Armada who was stationed near Earth to observe the planet to see if it could be used as a tool in his race's war against their hated Skrull enemies.  Bat'Son performed his task dutifully, observing the planet but never involving himself in their affairs.  That all changed, however, when he was summoned to the planet by the wizard Shazam, who had chosen Bat'son to become the Protector of the Universe.  Believing Bat'son to be a noble soul, Shazam gave him the mystical Nega-Bands that would allow him to summon the Power Cosmic by crossing the bands and shouting the wizard's name.  Bat'son accepted his role as protector of the planet, taking the name Captain Marvel as his superhero moniker and taking the identity of Phillip Batson to live amongst the humans of planet Earth.

His station was a solitary one until he encounter Major Mary Danvers of the United States airforce.  Admiring her courage, Captain Marvel was distraught when she was critically injured during one of his adventures.  Marvel took her to the wizard Shazam to save her life.  The wizard told Marvel that he could share a portion of his power with her to save her life.  In doing so, Mary Danvers gained incredible powers of her own to rival Marvel's own.  Mary took the name Ms. Mary Marvel to serve as Captain Marvel's partner to protect the planet from threats from the Earth itself as well as from the stars.

Blending the concepts of Marvel and DC's respective Captain Marvel seemed pretty straightforward.  The original Captain Marvel was basically DC's Marvel wearing Marvel's original green and white costume.  So for my version, I thought I would invert the look, but king of give it my own spin.

Mary Marvel and Ms. Marvel was also fairly easy, given that Mary had a black costume of her own for a while.  So it was easy to get a blending of looks for their black costumes, especially since both have a lightning bolt design on their chests. 
Dr. Constantine by RobertMacQuarrie1
Dr. Constantine
Doctor Strange + John Constantine = Dr. Constantine

John Strange was a gifted magician, who was trained from an early age by the Ancient One, a powerful sorcerer on the auspices of having him one day become the Sorcerer Supreme.  However, John Strange had other plans, and wanted to follow his dream of becoming a doctor.  However, the Ancient One warned John that he was destined to serve as Earth's Sorcerer Supreme, and he could not turn his back on the world of magic so easily.  Ignoring his master's warnings, John left the Ancient One's tutelage to follow his dream, and eventually became one of the world's most renowned surgeons.  However, his life was changed when he was involved in a car accident that injured his hands and cost him his renowned surgical skills.  Going to the Ancient One for help, John was told by his former master that this was the price he had to pay for ignoring his destiny, and fate itself conspired to return to the world of magic.  Bitter and angry and feeling that he was lied to, John still forswore becoming the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth, and the use of magic altogether.  However, as a wandering soul, John continually found himself involved in the mystical arts and in a role to defend both innocents and the Earth itself from dark magic.  However, John prefers to use trickery and guile, rather than his considerable magical abilities, to win the day, only relying on his mystical might when there are no other options available.  Still, despite his self induced limitations, John has managed to become an incredible threat to the evil sorcerers or the eldritch horrors that threaten the planet.

As I wanted to avoid the same amalgams from the original 90's series, I was stuck as to who blend Dr. Strange with, given that he was already blended with Doctor Fate in the fantastic Dr. Strangefate.  However, I realized that DC had another prominent magician in the form of John Constantine, who had been recently depicted in the DCU as a more conventional heroic force.  One I stumbled upon that, it was easy to blend the two concepts.

For the look, it was really just a simple case of making Dr. Strange more razzled, and giving him Constantine's coat.  I used the tunic from Strange's costume as the "shirt" and I think that it created a suitably blended look.
So, we're back to doing this again:……

This sort of thing really pisses me off.  This continual blame of a certain aspect of fandom for expressing said fandom in a different way than what some may be familiar with.  To make enemies out of people who, let's face it, aren't harming anyone. 

Look, I'm not a cosplayer.  But just because someone decides to dress up in a costume to go to a convention doesn't automatically make them into a fame obsessed, egotistical attention whore who knows nothing about the character they are dressing up as.  Trust me, if these people JUST wanted attention, there are FAR easier ways to get it other than spending weeks if not months, and hundreds if not thousands of dollars on costumes.  This is NOT an inexpensive hobby. 

Now we've gotten into the "sales" aspects of things, with retailers at the shows blaming cosplayers for not spending money at their booths.  Or not knowing enough about the characters to apparently match their supposed ideal of what fans are supposed to know. 
But I'm a bit familiar with sales, and I know that, to be successful, you can't just sit back and wait for sales to come to you.  You need to go out and SELL!!!  Meet with people, ask questions, find out what people want.  And I've been to plenty of conventions, and the one thing that I can tell you is that the people manning these booths- for the large part- don't engage their customers.  They don't ask them what they want.  They don't talk to them, unless it's about how much something is and where to pay.  Now, granted, these are busy shows.  But if you're booth isn't doing a lot of business, maybe you should go out and ENGAGE to bolster sales.

And you know who might be easy marks?  How about those people DRESSED UP IN COSTUMES!!!  That guy dressed up as Hellboy?  How about asking him if he is looking for any Hellboy merchandise?  That girl dressed up as Sailor Moon?  How about asking her if she's looking for any anime, or art books to use as reference guides?  Seriously, someone dressing up should be an EASY way to determine WHAT they are interested in.  But instead it just paints them as easy targets for a small number of businesses that don't want to admit their lack of business acumen.  You can bet that a few of these types of booths are the types of shop owners who probably ignore their own customers in their own stores, and would probably use their station behind the cash register as a podium to spout off their views to people who just want to pay for their damn comic already. 

Because here's the thing- these conventions that these booth owners are selling at?  They're not going away.  In fact, more and more people are showing up every year.  So that means that there are a LOT of fans going there, and a LOT of potential customers.  If you're not managing to find a way to sell to this audience, that is CLEARLY interested in the material that YOU are selling in one way or another, then you might need to take a good long hard look at not what the customers are doing wrong, but what YOU are doing wrong in not building your business. 

And let's face it- these shows aren't cheap.  A four day pass at some places can cost over a hundred dollars.  And then there is transportation fees if it is out of town for some people.  Costs for staying at a hotel if they are coming in from out of town.  Trust me, it can get expensive even if you AREN'T a cosplayer.  Some people may not have jobs that give them a lot of disposable income, and especially not enough to drop $250 for a Dragonzord toy (That one could get for $75.00 at a Toys R' Us just a few months prior).  And then when it comes to cosplayers, there's the additional expense on top of that.  So by the time these fans get to the conventions, they may not have ANY money to spend on the overpriced merchandise a lot of these guys may be hocking from behind their tables where they just sit back, and wait for the sales to come to them, rather than actively trying to engage people.

Sorry that this is a bit of a ramble, but I'm just sick and tired of people trying to insist that there is only ONE type of way to be a fan.  That someone has to meet certain conditions if they want to be considered "real" fans, and are blamed for stupid things for bad sales at shows that show record attendance. 

There is no "one" way to be a fan.  If this means dressing up in costume, or just wearing a Flash T-Shirt while out on errands, no one is wrong as long as they aren't harming anyone by doing it.  This isn't a problem that the fandom has.  This is a problem that a small few have with the fandom, which isn't nearly the same thing. 

Robert MacQuarrie


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