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OCD- Harddrive and Software by RobertMacQuarrie1
OCD- Harddrive and Software
This pairing came from a mix of desires of mine.  I wanted to do an armored heroine for a while, along with a hard light/ living hologram styled superheroine.  But it wasn't until I decided to make the pair a crimefighting duo that the images came together.

For Harddrive, she has a fairly simply armored bodysuit, obviously inspired by the ladies from Bubblegum Crisis.  I also liked the look of the featureless visor with just the mouth exposed for a female character, so I decided to incorporate that here.  For Software, I wanted a look that was a lot simpler, but also spoke to the high tech nature of her powers and origin.  I decided to go the unique route in making her main design entirely outlined in blue sharpie pen, to help highlight her holographic nature.  I decided on red and blue since I felt it was a nice contrast.

For their abilities, Harddrive I felt would be a typical armored bruiser.  Her suit would increase her strength and durability, along with other various weaponry.  Software would be more reserved, crafting energy shields or hacking into and controlling any form of electronic to aid her partner in fighting crime.  The twist would be that Software would only be able to manifest through Harddrive's armor, tying the two partners at the waist, so to speak.  

I'm also kind of proud of the name I gave the pair.  They feel very "Cyberpunk"ey to me.  
OCD- Mako by RobertMacQuarrie1
OCD- Mako
The genesis of this design came from a couple of different sources.

I wanted to create a bad guy in he same vein as "Jaws" from the James Bond films- someone implacable and unstoppable.  Something that is just a pure unthinking, unrelenting killing machine.  Large yet silent, brutal yet deadly efficient.  For that, I felt that a nice homage would to make a shark themed villain, in honor of "Jaws" name.  I also wanted to create a "Sentai" inspired type of villain- a bad guy that was more visually compelling than made a lot of sense in terms of aesthetics.  With those two concepts in mind, I went about creating Mako here.

I knew there were some things I definitely wanted to include.  I wanted the character to have a singular eye slit, to aid in his inhuman nature.  Plus a rictus, shark like grin.  I also knew that I wanted him to be cybernetic, with the two parts incorporated into each other.  I also wanted to give him a larger, more solid upper body, to aid in both his physical presence as well as his alien nature.  It took some refining, but I think it came out well.  The thing that worried me the most was the fin on his back, but I think I managed to angle the body well enough that it it showcased it nicely.  

This was the one I was most worried about, but I'm pretty happy with how it came out, and it managed to look more "shark-like" to me than I originally thought.  
OCD- Freelancer by RobertMacQuarrie1
OCD- Freelancer
Keeping with my "Heroes of the World" series that I've been doing with these designs, I've wanted to do a French hero called Freelancer for a while now.  

Incorporating the French flag onto the costume proved to be a little daunting, since I felt just having it straight up and down would be a little boring.  It wasn't until that I decided to make the colors skewed across the body, making the while part of the flag a "sash" across his chest and arm, gave him that visual "pop" I was looking for.  From there, the rest of the pieces came together nicely.

I gave him armored shoulder, knee and elbow pads for protection, and split toe boots to subtly reinforce the notion that he would be a lithe, agile warrior.  His spear, I imagined, would be able to be split in two down the middle to aid in both transport but also more melee combat.  I gave him the visor since I felt it broke up his face a lot better, and a bit of scruff since he wouldn't be as "clean cut" as the other patriotic heroes I've designed.  
OCD- Double Header by RobertMacQuarrie1
OCD- Double Header
I'll be honest, I'm not really all that set on the name.  

Like Thunder Woman, this was more visual than anything else.  As with most comic fans, I've got mad respect for Jack Kirby.  Not just his insane work ethic and boundless creativity, but also for his insane character designs.  Two of my favorite designs of his are MODOK and Arnim Zola.  There's just something really freaky and weird and cool and fun about their strange designs.  A head that's larger than it should be, or not where it's supposed to be.  I love that sort of creativity, and I really don't see too many creators trying to be that creative these days.  So I thought with this image, I'd take a stab at those sort of freaky designs myself.

Also partially inspired by Go Nagai's design, I wanted a character with two heads- one where it's normally supposed to be, and one on his torso.  The armor and color was pretty simple to decide upon, I just needed a way to balance his face on his chest.  

I think I could have balanced it better, and I could probably do a little more to make the design a little freakier.  But it was just a lot of fun to draw and refine.  
OCD- Thunder Woman by RobertMacQuarrie1
OCD- Thunder Woman
Sometimes and image just comes together for you in all the right ways.

I really like the designs seen on characters like Phoenix/ Dark Phoenix, Ms. Marvel, Rogue from the X-Men, Rain Mikamura from G Gundam and more- that "Opera Gloves/ Thigh High Boots/ Bathing Suit" type of design.  I know it's purely aesthetic, but I find it a very sexy design that also allows to be not as revealing as other female costumes.  It provides and emphasis on the female form, but not in an overly crass manner.  No boob windows or battle thong.  And I wanted to make a similar design of my own.

I did a few sketches, but nothing seemed to fit since I couldn't find a theme to work it around.  It wasn't until I came up with the idea of giving the bathing suit section a lightning bolt pattern down the navel that I had the theme that I could work around, and give it that visual flare that I was looking for.  The color for the costume and her hair just seemed like a natural fit, and it all just flowed from there.  Even her name- Thunder Woman- seemed to come naturally after looking at her design.

Even thought this was one of the last designs I came up with, it's the one that I like the most of this recent batch.  The one thing I would have liked to have included was a sash of some kind across her waist, but I just didn't see how it could work without ruining the flow of her design.  
Celebrating my birthday, now officially in my mid thirties.

Spent the day playing with my new Devastator toy, reading He-Man mini-comics, and seeing Star Wars at the movie theatre.

The more things change.....


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